30 July 2011

taking a break.

dukebecky is going on hiatus for a little while. no big news. there's nothing wrong...not to worry. i'm just going to try shifting priorities and see what comes up. you can still follow what i'm up to in a more minimal format at my new, simpler blog: THISISWHATI'MLOOKINGAT.

19 July 2011

photographings photographs.

i've been holding onto these magazine pages for awhile now. i love the layered patterns. the other day i photographed the photographs...perhaps part of some new paintings?

16 July 2011

traveling studio.

when the weather is as good as it has been these last few days i move the studio to the dining room with windows, sun, and breezes all around.

12 July 2011

margaret kilgallen.

as i head down to the studio this morning i am thinking about another show i will not see while i'm in SF this weekend...this wonderful collection of margaret kilgallen's work at ratio 3. luckily the online images are quite amazing and i will be spending a lot of time looking at them. i was especially excited to see the two images i have included here which seem different to me than a lot of what we see of her work...a little less narrative, a bit more about materials. love.

11 July 2011

the OMB.

watching this video fills my heart with great joy and nostalgia for my days in iowa. how wonderful to hear john dilg's voice and to see him gesture at his painting the way he always did when he talked so thoughtfully about our work. he was and is a great influence on me. those talks happened in what will to me forever be the OMB (old music building)...the building is subject of this video. i had a studio there for two years. i learned to take myself seriously as an artist in that building. some of the most important friendships in my life blossomed in that building. i love it that john's paintings will live there and that "our" names will be on display embedded in one of them. thank you john.

08 July 2011

chez not moi: gropius house.

last week, in honor of my birthday, we went to visit the gropius house. this has been on my boston to-do list for a long time. run by historic new england, this house was designed by walter gropius (founder of the bauhaus) in 1938 when he came to this country to teach at harvard university, and occupied by his family until mrs. gropius' death in 1979. the inside of the house has been left as it was when the family lived there...books on shelves, dishes on the dining table, and coats in the closet. this allows you to see exactly how they used the space, what they liked, and who their friends were...marcel breuer furniture everywhere, a little albers print here, a small moore sculpture there...you know. to go inside you must take a tour and no photographs are allowed (the ones i'm using below are from the website). i was impressed by the tour. we learned a lot about the bauhaus, the time period, and about the life these "radical" designers lived in the woods of massachusetts...mostly quiet, admiring of nature, and keeping things simple. imagine how this house must have looked to people in 1938. they say it was called the sugar cube on the hill. every detail has been considered from the curve of the banister to the circumference of light given off by the dining room fixture. the house is modest in size, practical in its layout, and truly frames the nature surrounding it, just as gropius intended. a wonderfully inspiring visit. get out there if you can.
Living room, cont. PC006.GRO.02.GRO00016 (RS31855)
Desk in study Dining room

inca cola.

have you heard of inca cola? i hadn't either, but apparently K is a big fan. it's from peru, it's a scary shade of yellow, and it smells like bubble gum.

07 July 2011

dairy joy.

last week i discovered dairy joy in weston, mass. if you have not been there, put it on your to-do list right away. as we drove by all i needed to see was the corner of this sign before i was yelling to pull over. it's an old-fashioned ice cream spot in the middle of nowhere route 117 with great treats, picnic tables, and this wonderful hand painted sign. i will be back soon.
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